Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A New Review

"On this planet, normal equals insane."

Just a quizzical quote from the pundit, Eckhart Tolle, from his book, A New Earth.

I would like to write a proper review for this book now that I have actually completed it. I was awe-inspired after only the first 2 CDs, but now that I completed all 8 (and I did have to listen at least twice to each one), I feel so excited to share ET's wisdom with all of you. I will actually be looking for his previous book at the library when I return this audiobook to the library.

This is an awesome book. It is difficult to find the appropriate adjcectives to describe it. It is filled with so many profound insights that it is very difficult to absorb in one reading. I have started to go through it again this week.

I would have to say that this book is about psychology. But not about psychology as we now know it. The word Psychology, means the study of the psyche, which means soul, but because it is so difficult to study the soul, it has become the study of human behavior. Human behavior can be observed and measured.

Eckhart Tolle has actually managed to combine the wisdom of many philosophers, including Jesus and Siddartha Gautama, and explained the true dysfunction of the human race in such a new and startling way that I now understand Life, the Universe and Everything. I just wish I could convey the meaning to you, dear reader. But all I have are words which are only symbols and cannot transmit the truth without creating thoughts which are the root of all dysfunction. Although I love words and I previously embraced thought as the answer to all dilemmas, it seems that thoughts, which are comprised of words, are really the culprits. They are responsible for all violence on the planet. The quote above refers to the current acceptance of wars and violence, as well as things like genocide and the practice of burning those with opposing viewpoints at certain periods of history, like the inquisition and the Salem witch trials.

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