Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Unscrupulous Hotmail-hacking Thief

Dear Thief,

Please stop sending illegal and illiterate messages to my "firends!!!" I am outraged that you stole my email address book and sent out 250 messages this morning at 4:20 am. If I could I would fill your email with spam myself, but you surpassed my limit for outgoing email and I can't send any more, now for 24 hours!

Please Cease and Desist!
I will do all I can to make sure noone ever goes to your website!

This is the message you sent and even changed my personal signature to insert it in other actual emails from me!

Dear firend:AA

Hello.How are you doing recently?Some days ago, I came across a wonderful electronic company on the web and had a pleasant chat with the sales manager. He told me that they are planning to lower the prices greatly in order to adapt to the global economic crisis, so that they can expand their overseas market. I have bought an iphone and a computer,and i am very satisfied with their items and services.If you have time,you can have a look. Their website: xxxxx

email: shop09 at
I wrote it this way so you know what it is, but it doesn't create a link. Send him a nasty message if you like...

Beloved readers, how do I get revenge on this fiend? Please send suggestions by way of making a comment to this post. Thanks.

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