Friday, October 30, 2009

What's my password?

Let's see....what's my password?

I ask myself this every morning. I had the same password for years, and a variation of it for several applications. Then someone hijacked my hotmail account and I had to change my password, and several others. At work we were given a sheet with about 40 applications, so we can record our passwords. And every month we are forced to change some of them.

I guess it's a good memory challenge.

Also good to write them down, just in case.

But I'm fascinated with the enhancement of memory. Can hypnosis really help?

Stress and tension interferes with memory retrieval. So we know hypnosis can reduce stress and tension. But what about memory storage? It seems you have to pay attention to remember something. Can hypnosis improve focus and concentration?

I think the regular of self-hypnosis would definitely help, since it is simply a state of focused attention, and improves with practice.

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