Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today is Thursday. Thursday is named for the Norse God of thunder, Thor.

I look forward to Thursdays, because I usually get to attend the weekly meeting of my Toastmasters International Group. I attend meetings during my lunch hour at work.

And today I get to speak! I always get excited about it. It is only a 5-7 minute speech, but that means you have to get right to the point. I tend to be sententious, but in 6 minutes you cannot really cover the information completely. So the challenge is to compose a speech that will intrigue the audience and leave them wanting more. I definitely think that brief speeches are better than long. The Gettysburg address was delivered in less than 3 minutes! Lincoln was one of several speakers that day. It was a brilliant speech, but his companions droned on for much longer. And does anyone know who else spoke on that day? Not many! Just a few historians.

So Happy Thurdsay to you!

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