Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leveraging the Universe

I just finished listening to Mike Dooley’s Leverage the Universe, and Engage the Magic. It is mind bogglingly fantastic. It’s awesome. And I went to his website and signed up for Notes from the Universe. So now I get an email everyday from the universe. It’s really cool. Maybe this email addiction I have can lead to a positive outcome!

This guy has been reading my mind. Or is it the other way around? Or am I just accessing the same Universal Mind that he has? I guess he actually started saying these things first, but so much of what he says is what I covered in my Verbal Impact seminar, which will be a 2-hour workshop next year.

I think everyone should talk to themselves in positive way. I think we should talk to each other that way. I think the word “should” should be replaced with could, which empowers you, instead of obligating you to do something. I could go see my grandmother. See? It sounds better than I should go see my grandmother. If I “should,” I might not, because it sounds like a burden. If I “could,” it sounds like a possibility, an opportunity, something that might be pleasant or rewarding. Mike says to replace “should” with “want.” It doesn’t work all the time for me. I’ll go with could. I could get a sandwich for you. I could make an appointment for you. I could help you facilitate change in your life. Etc.

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