Friday, October 26, 2007

A million

I feel like a million bucks! Nevermind, make that a million dollars! I don’t want to attract Woodland Creatures.

Thank God I’m rich! It makes me smile just to type that!

I have such clarity! Say the things that serve you. Is it lying? According to Mike Dooley, We are an Unlimited Beings of Light. To be offensive with words, use affirmations. To be defensive, be vigiliant. Mad-Eye Moody said, “Constant Vigilance!” Of course he was paranoid, and he wasn’t really Mad-Eye, but an imposter. But the message was valid.

Kiss your bills, that’s what Louise Hay said.

Identify Beliefs that would serve you. Install them using affirmations, hypnosis, acts of faith and acting as if they were true!

These are my musings about manifesting abundance.

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