Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deep Uncertainty

OK. If you want to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty, you will enjoy reading (or listening) to Escape the Prison of the Intellect, A Journey from Here to Here, by Deepak Chopra. And Deepak really outdoes himself in this one, with regard to depth. I like puns and I can appreciate the zen wisdom of saying everything equals its opposite. But it is a bit disorienting! This “skin-encapsulated ego,” (person) is very confused. Fortunately, the journey from here to here takes only about an hour. After decimating the concepts of time and space, he goes on to explain that we are just tiny beings, like the whos in whoville, living on an electron revolving around the sun or nucleus. Wow, where did that come from? Am I reading too much Suess or too much Chopra??!

I read a book about Zen once, well a few pages, anyway. It said that there was reading going on, but no reader. The author said I didn’t exist. I was insulted and discontinued reading.

But I enjoy stuff like this. It makes you think, something which is very unpopular today. But how do you explain in words that words have no meaning?

Up is down and down is up and right and left are the same, or else they don’t exist at all. Being everywhere and nowhere is actually the same according to Deepak and he can prove it!

I’ve always thought that each atom looked like a tiny solar system, so maybe our solar system is just an atom in some huge molecule in some Gargantuan chunk of matter, which is of course made up of space and energy. Maybe we are just a bit of data in some huge datastream. I think “bit” is still the smallest unit of data inside a computer. When I was in college, a “bit” was a binary digit. And there were 2 bits in a byte. Somehow I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Just a bit!

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