Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Agent of Positive Change

I am working on my mission statement. How's this: I am a powerful agent of positive change. Is it too grandiose? Honestly, I think my purpose is to assist people to make changes in their habits so that it will benefit their whole life. I hope that's what I do, anyway.

And Change is Good. I think I have accepted the change in my employment status. It is a great time to be free and unencumbered! There was a mandatory training event last Friday and I happened to be the co-chair of the event. So, I got to be the MC, which stands for Master of Ceremonies. (A sexist term, but we will not discuss alternatives, here.) The event went very well. I base this on the evidence that very few people left after lunch, which has happened in the past. Even I enjoyed it. And the president of the company complimented my on my creativity. So I'm pleased. A Happy Ending.

But all endings are new beginnings. And it is time to start uncovering the opportunities that will shape my future. I was so busy the last few weeks of work, that I was unable to even complete my resume. I can't sit on the roof, waiting for the helicopter to come. I have to start attracting some boats.

Excuse me, while I look at some sample resumes on the internet...

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