Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beware of the Leopard

I do imagine myself as funny. Sometimes other people think I am, too. See the article I wrote after the convention 2 years ago. I got into flow and then they actually got my jokes! I want to develop this ability by attending Toast Master meetings. I have joined. I am scheduled to present at the convention in August, also at a few meetings here at work. These will be about 30 minutes long...

I would like to be a humor writer, like Douglas Adams or Dave Barry. I have just introduced my son to the Hitchhiker Triology. I remember it as being very funny and my son is enjoying reading me some excerpts that he finds particularly amusing.

I did particularly enjoy the part in the first book when Arthur Dent was talking to the bureaucrat about the notice that was prominently displayed in the courthouse in a public area for several weeks before they actually sent the bulldozer over to demolish his house.

It turns out Arthur Dent did read the notice.
It was posted in the Courthouse,
in the basement.
It was prominently displayed on the side of a broken file cabinet
in a closet
in a decommissioned restroom.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, there was a chain and a sign forbidding the stairs to be used by the public, as they were severely damaged.

Oh, and I did forget to mention the sign saying Beware of the Leopard. But I forget where it was posted in the Courthouse...

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