Friday, February 25, 2011

Driving around Tarpon Springs

In driving through Tarpon Springs, FL today, I noticed a few things.

There are some beautiful flaming orange flowers blooming on vines that are climbing some chain-link fences in the area. They are so vibrant!

I do like the new "speed humps" much better than speed bumps. Over by the yacht club, they put some speed humps with valleys through the middle, for motorcycles, I think. This makes it possible to put the left tires in the valley and the right tires in the gutter, and not feel the bump or hump at all.

I also want to ask about why, in a town of tiny 2 lane streets, the powers that be would decide to make the one road that had the width of 4-5 lanes and put obstacles on the sides and in the middle, and especially at the corner of Pinellas Road and Lemon Street, in order to make it into a road with only 2 lanes? Why would any idiot who lives in a town with streets that really aren't wide enough for the traffic, want to make any street less wide? I cannot fathom it.

From what I can discern, this is part of a Beautification Project. I find this ironic.

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