Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mindfulness is a Misnomer

Mindfulness may not be the best term for it. People confuse mindfulness with thinking. But it is actually the opposite of thinking! It is, in fact, being.

It has nothing to do with the mindless monkey chattering away in your brain!

Mindfulness means presence or awareness, and in order to practice mindfulness, you try to become more aware of your body, by breathing, or feeling your sensations,or just focusing on your toes, for example. where were your toes a minute ago? They were in the same place they are now, but you weren't aware of them.

It's not easy to be mindful.              
But there are many benefits!
It can help you to more healthy, in body, mind, and spirit!
It boosts immunity, reduces stress, and increases productivity.
Just a few minutes of mindfulness recharges your batteries.

My colleague and I will be presenting a Workshop about Mindfulness next August!

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