Sunday, September 16, 2007


I read this morning that over 50,000 people are released from Florida jails per year with the same drug, alcohol, or mental health problems they went in with.

What is the answer? Love, caring and compassion need to be rampant, instead of apathy and indifference. Health food has to be fast and ubiquitous instead of hamburgers smothered in dressing and french fries coated with sugar and salt ( or cheese or gravy)!

A man is walking by me in the park. He is attached to a large enthusiastic pitbull puppy, by a heavy double chain. His flabby belly hangs over his boxers, which have valentine hearts printed on them. The bottom of his "shorts" are almost reaching his ankles. He is shirtless, highlighting several small monochromatic tattoos on the chest and shoulders. Does it cost more to have more colors? What happens when people move to Florida? Or does it happen after a set amount of years living here? Or does this change take place before moving?

Now I see a woman. It could be a pregnant belly, but still, the girth of the belly is balanced by an even larger double bump in the back, the behind actually. It's huge! 40 ax handles wide! Where does that expression come from? And why is it only applied to a woman's bottom?

I was just recording my observations while I was in the park. And leaving I wondered how to close this article. I started out thinking about the lack of compassion in our society and now I am forced to see it in myself.

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