Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dr. Pete's Warning

Today I have a guest blogger, Dr. Pete. Dr. Pete is very concerned about the current work environment of today's employees. He has seen an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression, a decrease in life satisfaction, due to incredible pressure at work and the constant fear of losing one's livelihood. Many people are working harder and longer, due to the belief that the employer can lay off as many workers as he wants and still maintain the same level of productivity without giving any compensation. This results in demoralization of the employee, contributes to depression, and has a negative impact on the overall productivity of the corporation. Somehow, employers are not getting the message that harassing the employees will not have the desired effect.

In a changing world where the rich get rich and the poor get poorer it is time for the People to actually join their strengths together, and fight for their dignity, health, sanity, and peace of mind. Thinking individually and selfishly is not going to change anything. Have you ever wondered what would happen if people actually joined together? And said, “No More!” We demand to be treated with dignity and respect.

Has anyone ever thought if we all collectively decide not to got to work tomorrow, what's going to happen? Are we ALL going to get fired? Perhaps, not! What if decide not to go to work for the whole week? We may lose some money, but our employers will lose much more.

Dr. Pete says stop fighting yourself! Stop the rat race! Those employers prey on your compulsary behaviors and they capitalize on your fear. The American Dream as you knew it is DEAD, Create a New One!

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