Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The History of Pluto

The planet Pluto was named in 1930. Supposedly by a little girl. The astronomer's daughter, perhaps? Supposedly after Mickey Mouse's dog. But I wonder if that child had knowledge of the Roman mythology, since Pluto is the Roman God of the Underworld and Jupiter, the biggest god, equivalent to Zeus. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, equivalent to Hermes. Venus to Aphrodite, Mars to Ares.

But oops, I made a mistake. I referred to Pluto as a planet. One of the 9 planets in our system. Oops, make that 8. Pluto has been demoted. They say it is just a rock, smaller even than our moon, which was considered a planet in ancient times. Planet means wanderer. They noticed that some of the lights in the sky moved together in a pattern, and a few others moved around a bit erratically, like Saturn, Venus and Mars.

Anyway, I feel sorry for Pluto. Pluto is now just Mickey Mouse's dog again. Pluto is a dog in a world where mice, rats, ducks and other animals have jobs, speak English, and wear clothes. But Pluto can't talk, and wears only a collar.... I guess it could've been worse, she could have called it Goofy.

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