Friday, December 26, 2014

Psychosomatic Wellness

Everyone has heard of a psychosomatic illness. People seem to get sick (or sicker) when they are stressed, anxious, or distraught. Some people become angry when the doctor tells them there is nothing wrong with them!They are convinced the doctor is wrong,and they don't believe he might be right!

So if there are psychosomatic illnesses, where the mind and emotions make the body sick, can't there be psychosomatic wellness? How can we use the mind to make us healthier?

There is so much new evidence about mindfulness, meditation, and hypnosis that suggests that these techniques can have a positive impact on your heath. All of these techniques take advantage of the salubrious effects of the theta brainwave state. Relaxation creates an alpha brainwave pattern, but a little further, and the brainwave pattern is called theta. You have to practice to enter this brainwave pattern and stay there for any length of time, which is what long-term meditators do.

Learning these techniques helps you achieve longevity and wellness. I have decided to provide some workshops on these topics this year. I hope you decide to attend a workshop and learn how these techniques can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and immune system.

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