Monday, January 14, 2008

Check it out!

If you see this in a bookstore, take it to the checkout. If you see this at the library, check it out!
(Where did that expression come from? Surely not the library!)

I am listening to some tapes that are amazingly profound. The wisdom and clarity contained on these tapes is stunning; it’s just astonishing! The 3 tapes are called the Quest, The Love Trilogy: Love, Passion, and the Soul. There are 3 tapes: the first is about Love, the second about Soulmates, and the third about the Spiritual Practice of Ecstasy. On each tape are 6 different modern thinkers featured, who share their insights about each topic.

I borrowed this set of tapes from the local library and passed them along to my husband, who enjoyed them so much we bought them. The thing is, they contain so much wisdom that you can listen to them repeatedly and catch something new and profound each time. There is an Irish poet quoted on 2 of the tapes, John O’Donohue, whom I never heard of before, but my husband has recently purchased 3 of his books. He was that impressed by what he said on the tapes.

I can wholeheartedly recommend these tapes to anyone who has ever wondered “why?” They are about love, life, the universe, and everything. They answer many questions. And if you don’t find the answer the first time around, they are easy to listen to again.

These tapes were produced for public television, who produced some sort of series, which I assume was televised at some point. I would love to see the videos. I just haven’t encountered them yet.

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