Monday, January 21, 2008

Quash those dreams!

Thanks for your negativity!

I really appreciate the wise, helpful, pleasant people I have encountered this week who have tried to discourage me from my dreams.

Dreams are awful things! We need to quash them as soon as possible or they may cause some damage to the status quo.

There is an excellent book, available on the web, at, written by a friend of mind, Gabrielle Sogka Reign, called Never Live Your Dreams.

There are miserable people who acheive, aren't there? Well, of course, what about Scrooge? Misers accumulate wads of wealth in their lifetimes. They never enjoy one penny of it and they worry about accumulating more no matter how much they have. It is true for them that there is never enough.

Well, what if it is true that your attitude has nothing to do with your outcome? I hope to explore this question in a future article...

Reminds me of a quote, though: Your attitude determines your altitude.

I agree with that.

But is "quash" really a word? Or did it come about because it sounds like squash.... see for the answer to questions like that.

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