Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Young and blonde

Youthanize with hypnosis!

I am developing a workshop about how to stay youthful using hypnosis. I hate to bring this up, but we are all getting older and weird things are happening to me and I don’t want to accept it that I’m just getting older and that’s the way things are going to be, and things are only going to get worse! You know how I hate catastrophizing! But let’s be negative for a minute here, so we can figure out how to stop all these negative expectations of aging.

Deepak Chopra really helped me with his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. He states that there are no universal symptoms of aging. Many things associated with age are related to bad diet and bad habits.

The simple aches and pains I sometimes experience are not from aging, but from inactivity. So I have joined a gym. This decade has been wonderful for me and the next will be even better, I’m sure. But I have to take action now. I am just very aware of the different expectations of men and women as they get older. I am also aware of cultural differences. Our American culture worships Youth and Beauty, and our ideas of Beauty are based on youth. Young people are thin usually, and many white children are blond. I know many white people with dark hair who had blond hair as children. That’s why “blondes have more fun!” That was a slogan for a brand of hair color many years ago, yet that idea has insinuated itself into our culture and our consciousness. And hair color has even advanced so that many people with dark hair can experience the fun of a Blond lifestyle. And recently, hair coloring has become popular with men as well as women.

(So why are there so many jokes about blondes being dumb? They pertain, I think, to females only…)

Hypnotic Aging?
I prefer, “Hypnotic Youthing.”
“Hypnotic Youthanization.”
Or could I say Youthanize without bringing up too many negative images?
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