Sunday, August 5, 2012

Menopause is Full of Surprises

Menopause is full of surprises. My advice is be prepared for anything!

Firstly there is the dreaded Hot Flash. A feeling of intense heat accompanied by sweating and flushing. You never know when this will strike, so be prepared, dress in layers and bring a chang of clothes with you.

Then there are the abomninable Night Sweats. This is when a hot flash strikes at night and you wake up drenched in sweat. Not very comfortable!You need to be prepared, have extra pajamas and sheets close at hand.

Then the cursed (and cursing) mood swings. You thought PMS was bad? Just wait for this one!

And don't forget, the malicious memory lapses. Remembering seems like a thing of the past. So you can be prepared by reading up on Mnemonic Devices, and bring a notebook to write down things you want to remember.

Stay tuned for my e-book on Quick Tips to Quell Hot Flashes and Other Menopause Symptoms.

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